Sustainability through Material Innovation

At Arrival, we are reinventing both the design and production of electric vehicles for end to end sustainability. Only true innovation of both products and processes can deliver the radical impact we need to combat the worst effects of the climate crisis.
We created a revolutionary new method of design and production to remove the cost barrier to electrification. For a clean, circular and equitable future, we need true sustainability that’s accountable and transparent.

Arrival’s proprietary composite materials are low cost, strong and lightweight. 50% lighter than steel, yet durable and resistant to damage. Any vehicle maintenanccomposite required is easier and more cost-effective as a result.

A presentation by Jennifer Chapman, Composites Strategy and Innovation Manager at ARRIVAL.

About Jennifer Chapman
Jennifer Chapman is a composite materials R&D specialist with more than 10 years in the composite industry. Working at Arrival for nearly 4 years she currently oversees innovation projects and manages strategic direction within the Materials R&D department. Previous experience includes leading the High Volume Manufacturing team at the National Composites Centre and several years in Aerospace composites manufacturing. She is passionate about nurturing innovation and developing new technologies.

About Arrival
Arrival was founded in 2015 with a mission to make air clean by replacing all vehicles with electric solutions – produced by local Microfactories. We are driving the transition to EVs globally by creating products that are zero-emission, more desirable, more sustainable and more equitable than ever before. Our in-house technologies enable our unique new method of design and production using rapidly-scalable, local Microfactories around the world. This method facilitates cities and governments in achieving their sustainability goals whilst also supercharging their communities. We are a technology company, a product company, a supply chain company, an automotive company, a mobility company, a fintech company and a service company – all rolled into one with a shared goal of true sustainability. This vertically integrated business model is how we can have the radical impact our world needs today..

Jennifer Chapman is speaker at the 2022 edition of the Materials 4 Sustainable Mobility Conference.

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