Circular Thermoplastic Solutions for Sustainable Mobility

The automotive industry continues to face strong regulatory and public pressure to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Against this context, many of the world’s largest automakers are targeting carbon neutrality by the next decade.
One of the pathways to progress is the use of more sustainable plastic materials, which can have a significant impact on lowering world’s CO2 footprint. This can include increased use of plastics recovered through mechanical recycling, which helps avoid plastic waste and associated environmental impacts. However, in many cases, use of these recycled plastics can have a negative effect on the quality of the end application.

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Sustainable elastomer solutions for future mobility


A presentation by Niels van der Aar, Strategy Projects Manager Focus area Sustainability at ARLANXEO.

This presentation will highlight specific rubber developments for sustainable mobility.
We all know for sure that drive technology will change! Various OEMs announced to stop new developments with respect to combustion engines and start accelerating developments related to hybrid, electrical and fuel cell driven vehicles.

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